1. MOBILE APP πŸ“± - Get paper work back in real time by taking photos on the Drivers Mobile App. ​Click here for more info​

2. HOW TO HANDLE SUBCONTRACTORS 🚚 - There's lots of different ways to handle subcontractors. Talk to us if you need more info.

  • If your subbie uses MyTrucking, send them a Truck & Date Report. They can import the jobs into their MyTrucking to create jobs instantly.

  • Add a Subcontractor rate in MyTrucking Click here for more info

  • Create an RCTI Custom Report which can be used to create RCTI's or to work out what revenue you have made on the jobs done by Subcontractors. Click here for more info​

​3. CONTRACTSπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Have a contract for 1000 tonne of wheat?
Simply add a Contract and keep a running total of what tonnage is left by splitting jobs off the Contract.
You can now split multi-jobs over multi-days! ​Click here for more info

4. MULTIPLE JOBS 🚚🚚- Use our multi-date select feature to repeat the same job over multiple days. Hold down the CTRL key and select all the days on ADD JOB page or when splitting a job or Contract. ​Click here for more info​

5. CUSTOMER PORTAL πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» - Invite your customers to your portal so they can VIEW their own load volumes and paperwork in real-time. They wont see pricing or any other sensitive info and its super easy to use! ​Click here for more info

6. IMPORT JOBS FROM GRAINCORP - The GrainCorp portal lets you export job data to a CSV file. This file can be imported into MyTrucking using the 'Import and Review' feature. Click here for more info



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