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Intelligent Date Picker

How to use the Date Picker

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When adding jobs, the date selection is now much easier to enter (without using the mouse).

When the cursor is in the date field,
Enter” selects today’s date, or the date selected by the datepicker calendar

+” increments the day

Typing numbers intelligently chooses the next applicable date, just type the date and press ENTER

The date selected by the datepicker can be changed using key combinations:

SHIFT UP: Move to the previous month
SHIFT DOWN: Move to the next month
CTRL and LEFT: Move to the previous day
CTRL and RIGHT: Move to the next day
CTRL and UP: Move to the previous week
CTRL and DOWN: Move to the next week

Note: If you are using a MAC use the Command Key in place of the CTRL Key

Multi Date Select

If your job is a recurring one, you can create multiple jobs by using Multi-Date Select. Hold down the CTRL key and click multiple dates on the Date picker to create multiple jobs.

Please note: This feature is available only on the Add Job page (not the Edit Job page)

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