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Customer Portal is an online booking system where your customers can submit a job request to you, anytime, anywhere – making it easier to do business with you!
And a key feature is it has an acceptance process before it appears on your daysheet.

Your customers do not have to enter jobs into the portal, they can also use it simply as a tool to view their jobs, they will see jobs that are pending, jobs that have been accepted and completed jobs including the tallies and any relevant paperwork that's attached to the job.

It's easier for you!

  • Customers enter jobs for you

  • Save time on data entry

  • Reduce mistakes

  • Never miss or lose a job request

  • No double handling

And, It's easier for your customers!

  • Support your customers better

  • Easy to do business with you

  • Your customers submit jobs when it suits them

  • Give your customers real-time updates on their jobs, automatically

  • Share relevant documents e.g. PODs or dockets

Customer Portal is ready for you now, and like the rest of MyTrucking it’s so easy to get started. Go to your MyTrucking and search for a client that you want to invite to the Customer Portal. Click the Allow Access button, add their email address, and you’re done.

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