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Contract Overview

The purpose of a Contract is to deliver an intended or agreed quantity. For this reason, MyTrucking will accurately update the remaining Contract Quantity with the actual quantity delivered.ย 

To create a Contract, go to Jobs - Add Contract to open the Add Contract page.ย 

The Add Contract page is similar to the Add Job page with a few fields excluded (Job Date, Pickup/Delivery Time, Vehicle). The excluded fields are for actual jobs so can be allocated when a job is split off a contract.ย 

Contracts on the Daysheet

When a Contract is created, it is located in the Contract section at the bottom of the Daysheet with a Green Split Icon.
The Daysheet example below shows a Contract that has had a job created and assigned to a vehicle and scheduled for delivery.

๐Ÿ’กTop Tip

  • A job that is created from a Contract cannot be subsequently split. This button will be greyed out.

  • A job which has been created from a contract can be copied or repeated and this will update the quantity on the contract.

  • A Contract is the master or parent job that will show the remaining quantity intended to be delivered.ย 

  • A Contract is not actually delivered itself, so it does not have a job date and cannot be assigned to a vehicle.

Creating Jobs from the Contract

To create jobs from the Contract, simply click the Green split icon on the Contract job. The details of the load to be delivered are entered and the Contract quantity is updated to reflect the remaining quantity.

The additional jobs will be created on the Daysheet with the Grey icon indicating they are from a Contract.

When actual quantities are returned via the Mobile App or updated on the Daysheet, the quantity of the Contract is updated with the revised quantity.

When creating a job from a Contract, the previous jobs can be seen in the Related Jobs window. These will total the quantity of the jobs created from the contract so far.

Clicking on any of the Job ID's in this window will open the Edit Job page for that job in a new tab on your browser.

๐Ÿ’กTop Tip

You can also Upload and Repeat jobs from the mobile app and the total comes off the contract. You need to allow this in the driver settings.

Multiple Jobs over Multiple Dates

To create multiple jobs over multiple dates simply hold down the CTRL key and click on each date to select them.

Completing a Contract

When a Contract is completed, it is marked as Done on the Daysheet which will remove the job from the Contract section. The Contract will not move to the invoicing page and will be marked as Non-Billed (N) on the Find Jobs page.

Please contact the MyTrucking Support Team if you have any questions regarding Contracts.

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