The MyTrucking mobile driver app is designed to work on most internet capable devices such as any smartphones and tablets (if you prefer a bigger screen)

  • The app is available on both Android and Apple (IOS) platforms

  • The app works on tablets and smartphones 

  • The app itself is free to download and uses very little data

  • The overall monthly data usage varies depending on the number of photos being attached to each job - more photos equals more data

  • It can also vary a little bit depending on the device being used, for example some of the higher end devices have high resolution cameras and take larger photos, which can make your data usage higher

  • In most cases 2GB of data per month will cover your MyTrucking usage

  • Chat to your business telco provider to see what offers and plans they have available

  • To read more about how to use the mobile driver app, click here

  • And, for tips on using the mobile driver app to manage “Contactless” transport, click here

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