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12/07/2023 - Job Import and Bulk Accept
12/07/2023 - Job Import and Bulk Accept

Job imports are all in one place now with the ability to bulk accept

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Job imports are all moving to one place. Whether it be a:

  • Customer Portal request

  • MyTrucking CSV

  • MyTrucking Truck and Date report

  • M2X API

  • M2X CSV

  • Custom-defined import file

They will all be done in the Import and Review Jobs menu.

All import sources can be Bulk Accepted by selecting the jobs requests and clicking Accept, or individually reviewed by clicking the Review All button.

Import File

The Import File option is where you would import a

  • MyTrucking CSV

  • MyTrucking Truck and Date report

  • M2X CSV

  • A custom-defined import file

Note: M2X is for NZ only.

Click on Import file to open a file browser where you can select the file to be loaded.

When selected the file is checked and the number of job requests displayed

Click Load and the jobs will be displayed.
You can select all the jobs by ticking the top checkbox, or a selection of individual jobs. Clicking Accept, will create a new job in MyTrucking for each selected job request.

If you wish to not create jobs that are in the file, they can be selected by ticking the checkbox and then clicking Skip. This will remove the jobs from the page and jobs will not be created.

Customer Portal Job Requests

If you have a Customer Portal Job request then you will see a red notification on the jobs menu indicating there's a job request to review.

Click on Import and Review Jobs, then select Customer Portal in the drop-down. If there are jobs to import you'll see a number once the option is selected.

Click on Load and the jobs will be displayed.

From here you can select and accept all the job requests, or select some to be skipped and they will appear the next time the Portal requests are loaded.


Click on M2X API to automatically get jobs using the pre-configured API connection.

M2X job requests can be brought in multiple times before they are removed from M2X, so any that have been previously accepted will be displayed with the existing MyTrucking job beneath it, and the Accept action will display "No Change". These jobs can either be Accepted or Skipped and nothing will be altered on the MyTrucking job.

If an M2X request has changed after it has been accepted, the field that has been updated will be identified as different. Consideration should be given to whether you wish to Update the job by accepting it or ignore the change by Skipping it.

Job Linking (for M2X imports only)

If you have a job being imported and MyTrucking identifies that there may already be a job in MyTrucking, then you'll see this by additional information showing on the job line.

In the scenario below, if you accept the job, it will link it to the existing job in MyTrucking.

If you review the job you have the opportunity to view the existing job before accepting it.

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