The purpose of the Review page is to prevent duplicate clients and products being created in your MyTrucking account when a new Job Request is sent through.

Clients and Products in the Job Request can be matched with existing entries and the match will be remembered if it is used again.

This allows different Customer Portal Clients to use whatever Product names they wish, but they can be matched with a product in MyTrucking.

1. What is a Job Request?

A Job Request comes from a Customer Portal Client when they want you to do a job for them. When a Job Request is "Accepted" a new Job in MyTrucking is created.

2. Job Request Notification

When a Customer Portal Client has created a Job Request, your MyTrucking is notified of a new request.
In the MyTrucking Jobs Menu, the Notification Icon will show the number of requests:

Going to Jobs – Review Job Requests will open the Review Job Request page.

3. Review Job Request Page

The first page will show a summary of the requests to be reviewed:

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Click the Accept Matched button to bulk accept the jobs, or click on Review to review them one by one.

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The review page shows a summary of the Job Request on the left and the matching fields in MyTrucking on the right. If a match between the fields is found, the line will be marked with the matched tick:

If a match cannot be found the line will be marked with the select icon:

The operator can search their database and select an existing entry. Once this match is made, it will be remembered for the next time.

The operator can also select β€œAdd New” to create a new Client, Location or Product with the details supplied by the Customer Portal Client.

4. Accepting a Job Request

When all fields are matched the Operator can click Create to create the job in MyTrucking and update the status in the Customer Portal.

When a Job Request is converted into a Job it can no longer be modified by the Customer Portal Client.

5. Job Notes

The Operator can add Job Notes before Accepting that will be included in the MyTrucking job. The Job Notes are not passed back to the Portal, as they are now for internal use and passing to the Driver completing the job.

6. Skipping a Job Request

The Operator can choose to Skip the request and review it again later.

7. Declining a Job Request

If the Operator chooses to Decline a request, they can add a message that will be passed to the Customer Portal Client.

A Declined Job Request can be re-submitted by your client by editing and saving.

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