Logging into the Mobile App

A dispatcher account can log into the Mobile App using the same details used to log into the main MyTrucking site  (typically your email and password) .

You can check and update your login details by going to the Account - User page in MyTrucking and clicking on your login. This opens the Edit User page where these details can be viewed and updated.

Download the mobile app from the app store. Hold your phone camera over this QR code & it will take you straight to app store to download.

** When logged into the Mobile App as a Dispatcher you will see All Vehicles that have jobs assigned on MyTrucking as well as Unassigned Jobs.

The Vehicles Page

Viewing Jobs

Press the Vehicle (or Unassigned) and you will be taken to the Jobs page listing all jobs assigned to that vehicle.
At the bottom of the list, you will find Unscheduled Jobs.

The Jobs Page

Adding a Job

At the top of the Vehicles Page press Add Job this takes you to the Add Job page.
From the Jobs Page press the "+" at the top of the page.
Note: When adding from the Jobs page, the vehicle will be pre-populated in the vehicle selection of the add job page.

The Add Job Page

The Add Job page will show the fields that you have enabled on MyTrucking.
The Origin and Destination fields (Charge Client, Origin, Destination) and the Product fields (Product, Quantity) are compulsory to enter.

Pressing on the Origin and Destination fields opens a page to select from. This comes from your client database in MyTrucking. You can type in the Search box to narrow the selection.

If the client you wish to use is not available, you can add a new client by clicking " + " at the top of the page to open the Add New Client page. Simply enter the client information and press Done to add the new client. 

Note: If you used the Search function to look for a client and the Trading name was not found, when you press + to add the client, the Trading Name will be populated with the name you searched for.

Similarly, when you press on the Product field, your list of products will be displayed.
The vehicle field can be selected at this stage, or left as unassigned.

Pressing Save will open confirmation options: Save, Save and Repeat and Cancel.

Save, will create the job in MyTrucking and return to the App Vehicles page.
Save and Repeat will create the job and stay on the Add Job page with the Client and Product fields retaining the same entries as the previously created job.
Cancel, allows you to go back to the Add Job page.

The job will now be listed under the Vehicle selected.

For more information on how to operate the Mobile App from a drivers perspective click here.

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