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23/06/2023 - New Mobile App
23/06/2023 - New Mobile App

Information on how to download the new mobile app and what the new features are.

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We are excited to announce our MyTrucking Mobile app has had a revamp, making it even better and more intuitive than before. 😍

The new Mobile App is a complete rebuild, based on the latest platform-specific technology. Basically, what it means for users is improved performance, and a range of new features can now be developed in the future. πŸ“±

This new version will look and feel very similar to the current app, but we have added a few requested enhancements.

How do I download the new app?

πŸ†• This is a new app which needs to be downloaded.

The new mobile app is available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Simply scan the QR code or search for MyTrucking 2.0 and download the new blue app.

Once you have downloaded the new app and logged in you can delete the old orange app.

πŸ’‘Top Tip

Make sure your drivers know their login details so they can log into the new app.
If they have forgotten their password, a Full Access or Super User can reset it for them.

What are the new features? (Click the arrow to expand)

Swipe to accept jobs individually

You now have option to individually accept jobs, simply swipe from right to left to accept the jobs individually.

Adjustable text size (from the phones settings)

You can increase the text size from the phone settings.

Ability to sort by pickup or delivery times

You can sort your jobs by pick-up or delivery time. Click on the menu button at the top to select your preference.

Out of range update

If you're out of range, you can add jobs, and complete jobs. Once you come into range again the changes will be synced with the MyTrucking web app.

Note: Adding jobs is only available to those who have this feature turned on in the driver settings.

Select multiple images

If you need to add multiple images from your phone, you can click on Choose Photo and then tap to select the photos you wish to add.

Pull down sync

When you sync your app this will pull through any new jobs or changes to existing jobs. Simply just pull down to sync, or there's the sync button at the bottom. Tap your finger anywhere on the screen and pull down.

Capture the GPS coordinates when a driver takes a photo

When a driver takes a photo to attach to the job, the GPS coordinates are now captured. This will allow Dispatchers to confirm where and when the photos were taken.

Location services needs to be enabled and allowed on their devices for the GPS data to be accessed.

To view the GPS information on an image you'll need to use an extension.

For Firefox users, there is a great extension called "xIFr". This allows you to right click on an image, select "view EXIF data" and a window will open displaying the image and properties.
There is a Tab to show the map location, or a button to open in Google maps:

For Chrome users, there's an extension called Exif Viewer. This allows you to right click on an image, select View Exif Info.

A web page will open up with a map to show the location.

Need more help?

Reach out to our MyTrucking Experts from the Messenger or search for more Help Articles.


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