Posting Attachments Through to Xero

When posting invoices to Xero, you now have the option to include all attachments that have been added to the job.

When you turn this feature on it will:

  • send all attachments from each job to the invoice in Xero.

  • send attachments for all clients

The attachments will come through as links on a job summary report which is attached to the invoice. Clicking on the blue text will open the attachment.

It will look like this:

How to turn on the Attachments Feature

To turn the feature on, go to:

  1. Account

  2. General Settings

  3. Xero Options

  4. Tick Send Job Attachments

  5. Save

You will have to reauthenticate your Xero Credentials by logging in to Xero. (This will need to be done by the user who has admin access to Xero)

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Where do I find the Attachments in Xero

When you post your invoices, the attachment will show in the invoice list, and on the invoice. See below.

Invoice List

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How the attachment shows on the Xero invoice depends on whether you're using Classic Invoicing or New Invoicing. If you want to include the attachment with the invoice you set it here:

Classic Invoicing (attachment is at the top)

Annotation on 2022-11-23 at 11-11-54.png

New Invoicing (attachment is at the bottom)

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How Attachments work in Xero

  • The attachment in Xero is only visible to you and other users of your organisation.

  • You can choose to make the file available as an email attachment and visible on the online version of the invoice.

To find out more about how Attachments work in Xero here's a link to their help article.

How to Remove an Attachment

If your PDF summary contains an attachment you don't want to send to your customer, you'll need to remove the PDF and then upload the individual attachments separately.

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