If you wish to invoice a job before it is completed, you can do this by adding a Billable Product and a Non-Billable Product to the job. The important thing to remember when you add the job is to tick the billable line as done, this will send the billable line to the invoicing page where you can post the invoice.

To create the Products

  1. Go to Account > Products

  2. Click on the Add Product Button

  3. Create a Product and tick the Non- Billable box

  4. Create another Product the same, but leave the Non-Billable box unticked

To create the Job

  1. Add a new job

  2. Select the Billable Product for the first line and tick it as done (this will send the job line to the Invoicing page.

  3. Click Copy Row

  4. Change the Product on the second line to the Non Billable Product

  5. Click Save (Exit)

  6. This will send he Billable line to the invoicing page, and the non billable line will go to the drivers app

Post the Invoice

Post the invoice as you normally would. More info here if needed.

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