We have two ways to import jobs from M2X.

Import via the API

This process requires an initial setup, once that's completed importing jobs can be done by clicking a button and reviewing the jobs.

Activation Date

When the setup has been done this activates the API and jobs from the activation date onwards will come through to MyTrucking. If you want older jobs to come through, let us know and we can set the start date.

Booking ID

We can pull the Booking ID from M2X and display it in a reference field. If you want this set up let us know.

How to get set up

  1. Open M2X and click on the following link to initiate the API link https://m2x.app/carrier/admin/developer M2X user must have ADMIN role)

  2. In M2X Enter MyTrucking as New Credentials Name

  3. Turn on Dev Portal Access

  4. Click Create

  5. Click the EYE ICON to display the Client Secret

  6. In MyTrucking go to Account > General Settings

  7. Navigate to the M2X API Integration section and tick to enable (if the box is already ticked, untick it and save, then tick again and save. This will set the activation date to todays date - otherwise you might end up with heaps of old jobs coming through. If you wish to set the start date to a past date, let us know and we can set it for you)

  8. Copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret from M2X

  9. Click Save

  10. Go to Jobs > Import and Review Jobs

  11. You should have a new Import jobs from M2X Api button

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