9/6/2021 - New Features

Configurable Agent & buyer fields, Post All, Portal Attachments

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Agent/Buyer Configuration

The Stock Agent and Works Buyer fields have been renamed to simply "Agent" and "Buyer".

Adding these client fields to your system allows job information to be reported on and emailed to those parties.

If you don't want to use 'Agent' and/or 'Buyer' you can choose a name that suits your business. Just let us know what you'd like (eg 'Sales Rep'), and we will set up your system to suit.

Click here for more information on using the Agent and Buyer fields.

Post All

The Invoice by Charge Client page now shows the Post All button at the top of each page as well as the existing location at the end of the last page.

When Post All is clicked and your jobs are sent to your accounting program, the page will return to the top of the page where the confirmation message is displayed.

The Post All button can now be clicked again without having to scroll to the bottom of the last page.

Portal Attachments

Customers can now add attachments to Job Requests in their MyTrucking Customer Portal. The attachments are then passed to MyTrucking, displayed in the Review Job Requests page and attached to the Job created in MyTrucking.

Your customer portal client can simply click (or Drag and Drop to) the attachment area to upload files:

The Review Request page in MyTrucking will show you thumbnails of any files attached to the job request.

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