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Daysheet: Collapsing/Expanding sections
Daysheet: Collapsing/Expanding sections

Click on a heading to collapse sections on the Daysheet

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Within your Daysheet, you can click on Date and sub-item sections to hide and expand them.

This allows sections that do not require immediate action to be hidden so that the important information is easier to focus on.

Once you've clicked to hide or expand, the daysheet view will stay that way for you until you click that section again.

The view you choose is unique to you - so if you have multiple people in your company viewing the daysheet, you each control which sections to expand and collapse.

Clicking on a Date

When the date is clicked, all jobs for that date will be hidden/expanded until the date is clicked again.

In this example Tuesday and Wednesday are hidden.

Clicking on Unscheduled Jobs or Contracts

When this section is clicked, the information there will be expanded/collapsed in the same manner as the Dates.

Clicking on a Sub-item

The sub-items depend on the current Daysheet you are viewing. The usual Daysheet view is by Vehicle, so in this case, the sub-items will be Unassigned jobs and Vehicles. Clicking on a vehicle or unassigned job will collapse/expand that section. This would typically be done when a vehicle has all its jobs assigned for the day.

This example has all the vehicles collapsed enabling both dates to be seen on the screen:

If the Daysheet is sorted by Origin, Destination or Product, then these items will be displayed as the sub-items and can be clicked to collapse/expand each section.

Summary Information

Each date displays the summary information for that day, the total number of jobs for that day and the number of unassigned jobs.
The Contract section displays the number of active contracts.

💡Top Tip Moving Jobs off the Daysheet

We recommend you try and keep the Daysheet as clear as practical. Once a job has been confirmed as completed, we suggest you tick it as Done so that it is moved to the Invoicing pages.

Daily checking and updating of completed jobs can then be done easily on the Invoice by Date page where the important fields can be viewed and updated without having to edit each job individually.

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