How do I get set up?

For you to change accounting program, we have a setting at our end which we need to update first.

Before we update the setting, you'll need to make sure you have completed your invoicing up until the time you want to switch to Xero.

Once we have changed the setting, we will get you to go to your General Setting Page, go to the Xero Options section, and click on Authorise with Xero. You will then be asked to enter your Xero credentials.

We have designed the Xero integration to make it super simple to get your invoices from MyTrucking into Xero.
The four key areas to understand when setting up with Xero:

  1. Client list

  2. GL Sales Codes

  3. Tracking Categories

  4. Invoice Descriptions

1. Client List:

  • Any new clients entered in your MyTrucking will automatically be added to Xero when you post across to Xero for invoicing. There is no need to enter new clients in Xero.

  • Any new clients entered in Xero - instead of MyTrucking - will not sync back into MyTrucking.

2. GL Sales codes: 

  • When you have your products in MyTrucking linked to the correct GL sales code in Xero, every job will seamlessly go across to Xero with the GL code. Click here for more details on how to set this up.

3. Tracking Categories: 

  • Set up your vehicles as a Tracking Category in Xero and you will be able to run simple Profit & Loss Reports by vehicle in Xero. Click here for more details on how to set this up.

4. Invoice Descriptions:

  • MyTrucking automates the invoice description that goes across to the invoice in Xero. These invoice descriptions are set up for each product. Go to your Products page in MyTrucking to view or change these descriptions. The invoice description will also show on your Invoicing page in MyTrucking as a final check before you post across to Xero to Draft Invoices. Click here to read more on invoice descriptions.

Often you will hear ITEM CODES being used in Xero. This is a feature used for inventory control & is not required with MyTrucking. Often transport operators who have been paper-based & manually enter into XERO may use ITEM CODES to automate invoice description, GL codes and pricing in Xero. However, now that you are on MyTrucking, you no longer need to use ITEM CODES.
MyTrucking does not work with ITEM CODES.

It is important to ensure you have got your MyTrucking set up correctly, and therefore you will have minimal admin and changes required in your Xero. Any further questions, please let us know.

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