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Maps on the Mobile App

Using the Mobile App to view the clients location

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The MyTrucking App uses the mobile phones default mapping App to display the clients location.
​Note: For Android devices, this will usually be Google Maps, but for Apple devices, the default can be selected (either Apple Maps or Google Maps if it is installed) when the feature is first used.

On the Client Details page on the Mobile App there are buttons to open the Maps App with either the Clients Address or the stored GPS coordinates.

The Show On Map button will search for the address, or if GPS coordinates are provided (by setting the Map location in MyTrucking) the button will use the precise GPS coordinates of the location.

Setting the Coordinates in MyTrucking

On the Client page, you have the ability to set the customer location using the Find Address feature. (This is also available when adding a new client from the add job page).
Type an address into the Find Address field for the Physical Address and Google Maps will be searched to display the location on a map and to populate the client's address fields. Select the address and Click on Save.

The GPS Co-ordinates can now be changed by dragging the Map Pin to a specific location. This allows you to pinpoint the actual location rather than showing the street location (i.e. gate location). These co-ordinates will be passed to the Mobile App with the Job details.

πŸ“Œ You can have one pin drop per client.

πŸ’‘Top Tip

Did you know you can paste GPS Co-ordinates directly into the Find Address search on a client. This is helpful if you need a driver to go to a specific location on a site.

Quality of the Map Location

MyTrucking will display the quality of the map location. This refers to google finding the street number.

  • MANUAL: if the pin is manually dragged and dropped, this is the most accurate method.

  • GOOD: if the geocoding result is a good match and the pin has not been manually positioned.

  • POOR: if the geocoding result is not a good match and the pin has not been manually positioned.

Disclaimer: Steps and screenshots in this article are relevant to our MyTrucking 2.0 app. If you're using our old app, results may differ.

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