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When will my drivers receive notifications?

  • A Driver will receive a notification alert when a new job is added for today or tomorrow.

  • A Driver will receive a notification alert when changes are made to the jobs for today or tomorrow.

  • If a user is logged into the Mobile App as an Operator (including Full Access and Super User logins) a Notification will NOT be sent to the device.

Note: If a driver is set to see jobs for today only, then they will only receive notifications for jobs for today.

The Notification messages contains:

  • Job Date

  • Vehicle

  • Product Quantity

  • Product Name

A notification message is not intended to provide enough information that the driver can perform the job without opening the App. The drivers must open the App to see the modified job.  

There are 5 types of notification:

  • New Job

  • Job Changed

  • Job Rescheduled (change in date)

  • Job Cancelled

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