Fixed Pricing is used when a customer is charged a set price for a load, regardless of the exact quantity carried. If the quantity is changed the price will remain fixed.

A job is made a fixed price by entering the job price into the Total Field on the Add Job, Edit Job or the invoicing pages (you will see an information pop up saying this that will appear the first three times you do this).

The total field will be highlighted showing this is the key field used for the pricing. You will also notice, when you look at job history, the price will have a red "fp" next to it indicating it is fixed price. 

When the job is posted to your accounting program, it will have a quantity of 1 with the total as the rate (this ensures there are no rounding differences if there are more than 2 decimal places in the rate).

Note: The quantity will still be shown in the invoice description if the Qty field is included in the description.  

If you don't want jobs to be fixed price, then just enter the price into the rate and they will be priced on a rate basis.

If you have your product set to "Use Last Charged Rate", the fixed price will be remembered for the next job with the same Charge Client, Origin, Destination and Product. This is useful for repeat jobs.

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