Your products are the items that you pick up and deliver to various locations i.e. ewes, cows, deer, fertiliser, timber, pallets or anything else you might be delivering.

  1. Go to Account - Products
  2. Click on ADD PRODUCT if you would like to enter a new product.
  3. Start entering the product details in the fields on the add product page.
  4. Enter the product Name: Simply the name of the Product that will appear on the job & invoices (e.g. Barley, Ewes, Lift, Transport, Spreading etc).
  5. Enter the Unit if applicable: This is a description that can be shown beside the quantity (e.g. tonnes, hours, each).
  6. Enter the Charge Method; There are 2 Pricing options:
    Use This Rate’ uses the set rate entered in the Rate field
    'Use Last Charged Rate’ which remembers the last rate charged for this product from that origin to destination (the most commonly used option).
  7. Select an Invoice Description format from one of the defined templates
  8. Tick the Non-Billable checkbox if the product will NOT be Invoiced
  9. Click SAVE if you wish to add another Product or SAVE & EXIT if you have finished and you will return to the Products page. 

Invoice Descriptions

The invoice description templates are a powerful method to automatically generate your invoice information from the data in MyTrucking. 

There are a multitude of options you can choose from, however we would recommend:
“Date – Qty Product from Origin to Destination” for Livestock operations, and  
“Date – Qty Units of Product from Origin to Destination – Reference1” or
“Date – Qty – Units of Product from Origin to Destination – AllReferenceFields” for Bulk operations

If you wish to add additional templates to the list, from the Account - Products page, click on Invoice Descriptions button to open a page where your list can be modified:

Exporting your Product List

Your Product List can be exported to a csv file so that you can review your Products.
Click on the Export Active Products button at the top of the Products page to download the csv.

If you would like to export your Archived Products, click on the dropdown arrow and select Archived or All Products.

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