The Invoice by Date Page

Where to review and edit all jobs that have been marked as done, and mark them as ready to be invoiced.

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Recommended workflow overview

On the invoicing by date page

  • Review and edit jobs that have been marked as done

  • Tick the invoice box if ready to invoice

  • Save

On the Invoice by charge client page

  • Review jobs grouped together by client

  • Post invoices

By using this process you are going through a double check process to ensure everything is as it should be.

How to use the Invoice by Date page

On this page you can review and edit all jobs that have been marked as done, and mark them as ready to be invoiced.

If you have a large number of jobs, you can Show/Hide the ticked jobs to easily see which jobs are yet to be ticked.

πŸ’‘Top Tip to post invoices to your accounting package you must do this on the invoice Charge Client page.

You can edit and check your invoices by Month, Day or ALL

To invoice by Month Select the Month you wish to review

You can sort and view jobs by reference. Click on the reference field to sort jobs by that field. Your references are unique to you and can be updated in your Settings.

All jobs that have been marked as done and have not been posted to your accounting package will be displayed in Date order.

To select a specific date click on the corresponding button for that date.

You can edit details directly from this page or alternatively you can edit the individual job and invoice from there.

Moving Jobs back to the Daysheet

If you would like to return the job to the Daysheet for any reason, simply un-tick the Done tick box on the Edit Job page.

πŸ’‘Top Tip

If the Qty, Rate or Total are highlighted or red:

  • purple, this indicates the data in the fields has been changed on the invoicing page

  • red indicates no rate or total

  • yellow indicates the qty has been updated and the total has been recalculated

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