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14/04/2023 Release Summary
14/04/2023 Release Summary

A summary of what we have released from Jan2023 - Mar 2023

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  • Update Non-billable status when job edited

    When a job is edited and it was previously non billable, the entire job will update to be billable. Previously you had to set the job back to undone to apply the change.

  • New Xero Invoice due date of 21 days and 15th of next month (Xero Only)

  • A driver will now receive a notification alert when a new job is added for today or tomorrow unless their jobs visibility is set to Today Only.

  • PDF/Attachment name visible on thumbnail. If you hover over the attachment thumbnail you'll see the PDF/Attachment name.

  • "Show ticked" on invoice page to remember preference

    If you toggle the switch to show/not show ticked, the preference is remembered for the next time you go to the invoicing page.

Our Development team have been busy working on some exciting new features which are coming soon. Watch this space!

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