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30/3/2017 - New Features Released
30/3/2017 - New Features Released

Re-designed Daysheet and new Multi Date selector

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Re-designed Daysheet

The daysheet has been re-designed so that more jobs can be displayed without scrolling. This has been a request from many MyTrucking customers, so we hope you all enjoy the new look.ย 

Some of the key changes are:

  • The column headings are now displayed at the top of the page instead of being repeated all down the page.

  • The top banner now reduces in size when you scroll.

  • The page width has been extended to utilise all of the display on high-resolution monitors.

  • The date now sticks to the top of the day section when scrolling. This allows the date you are viewing to always be visible.

  • The vehicle sub-totals can be removed from the daysheet by configuring on the new Profile page.

Profile Page

At the top right of the Daysheet you will now see a person icon. This opens the profile page where you can change individual settings. This will be expanded to include more fields in the future. Currently, you can set your personal information, whether Totals are shown on the Daysheet, and change your password.

Save Icon

The Save Icon is now responsive, this means if there are no changes on the page, the save icon will be grey. When something has been changed on the page, the icon changes to green indicating these changes need to be saved.

Date Selector

The Date Selector has been updated on the daysheet, this acts much as the previous one, but has a Today button as well. Todays date is highlighted in orange, and the selected date is blue.

Date Selector on Add Job Page

When adding a job, the new date selector allows multiple dates to be selected. This allows repeating jobs to be easily created.
Simply hold down the CTRL key and click the dates you will be doing the jobs on, and they will be all be selected.
A new separate job will be created for each day that is selected on the Date Picker.

This will be a great time saver for those who want to repeat jobs with the same details on different days.

We hope you enjoy the new updates and appreciate your feedback.

โ€‹The MyTrucking Support Team

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