Custom reports are super easy to build, you just tick the boxes for the fields you want to see, give the report a name and save it.

You can then access the report you just created anytime you need to and simply change the date range to suit.

There's no limit: you can build as many as you need.

For the more in-depth info, see the easy to follow steps below

  1. Go to: Reports - Custom - New Custom Report.

This will open the Report Builder:

2. Select the job status you wish to include in the report

  • Active Jobs are yet to be done - the jobs on the Daysheet.

  • Done Jobs have been marked as "Done" - the jobs are no longer on the daysheet, they will be found on the Invoice pages.

  • Invoiced Jobs, these are finished jobs that can be found by going to Find Jobs.

  • Cancelled Jobs, these have been marked as Cancelled from the Edit Job page.

Note: If you would like to group the report output, you can use the Group By dropdown. The group will show sub-totals for each new item.

3. Select the date range you wish to show.

Note: There are preset options available by selecting from the dropdown:

You can select up to 20 of the available fields by ticking the options in the Select Columns list.

Clicking Update will run the report and generate the results.

Note: If you change any of the options in the Report Builder you will need to click Update again to re-run the report.

Filtering Results

Clicking on the blue column headings allows you to filter down further, you may want to see this by a client or by a product for example.

Saving your Report

You can Save the Report by typing a name and clicking Save:

The report can then be run again by clicking on the report name on the All Reports page or from the Custom Report Menu:

Exporting a Report

The report can be saved as a PDF, downloaded as a CSV (excel) file, or emailed by clicking the buttons at the top of the report (separate multiple email addresses with a comma (,) )

Clicking the Create PDF or Create CSV buttons opens a link to open or download the report.



If there is more than 300 lines of data in the report, the Create PDF and Email button is removed. The report can only be downloaded as a CSV file and opened in Excel.

Report displaying on the screen

If the report information is larger than 5000 lines, it can't be displayed on the screen. You will need to download it as a CSV file and opened in Excel.

Note: A message window will be displayed in this case where you can download the file:


Job Attachments (files, images and signatures) can be included in your Custom Reports. These are not displayed on the screen, these are displayed as links in the PDF and CSV files, where you simply click to open the attachment.

TEAM TIP: Go to Account - Dashboard for a great visual overview of key reporting figures, like Income by vehicle.


The MyTrucking Support Team

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