The Import and Review function allows a file from another system, with multiple jobs, to be imported into MyTrucking easily, saving you a heap of input time.

Download the file containing the jobs from your other system, go to MyTrucking and click on "Import and Review Jobs" in the Jobs menu and upload the file.

  • You can review the jobs before they go to your Daysheet to be allocated to a vehicle. An imported job that is being reviewed is called a Job Request. It is not an actual job until it has been accepted.

  • You can match the clients to your current client list or add them as a new client.

** Note: once matched to an existing client or location, MyTrucking will remember this next time, it will not create a duplicate.

  • You can match the products to your current product list or add them as a new product.

** Note: once matched to an existing product, MyTrucking will remember this next time, it will not create duplicate products.


1. Export the data from your system and save it somewhere you can easily find it!

Click here for a blank template you could use to populate the data, otherwise just save as a CSV file.

2. In MyTrucking, go to the menu "Jobs" - choose "Import and Review jobs" - then click "Browse"

3. From the file explorer window that pops up, find the file you saved - click "Open".

3. Click 'Import' to begin the importing and review process.

4. To start your review and matching - click "Review"

4. The first job will then be displayed, with our suggestion for matching fields in MyTrucking. If a match is found, the line will be marked with the matched tick icon and if a match cannot be found the line will be marked with the select icon.

Search and select the relevant client or product to complete the matching. Or 'Add New' if they're not already in your list.

5. Add Job Notes before accepting, if you want to. These will be included in the MyTrucking job.

6. Click 'Accept' to create the job in MyTrucking OR Click 'Skip' to move to the next job. The job you skipped WILL NOT be imported into MyTrucking right now. Re-import your file again when you're ready to review that job. MyTrucking will not show you all the jobs you've already accepted, just those you skipped. Repeat steps 4-6.

Other docs to read:

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If you'd like help the first time you do this - or any time! we are here to help. Email


MyTrucking Support

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