My Trucking is fully integrated with Xero, MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials, all cloud based systems that allow direct linkage between them and MyTrucking. 

If you're using one of these programmes for Accounting then the MyTrucking can simply and seamlessly link your Transport Management direct to Invoicing.

MyTrucking also provides CSV exports for the following programmes these exports can be imported back into the respective Accounting programmes allowing you to save loads of time and money and ensuring that you can get reliable and accurate invoices out to your customers with minimal effort.

  • Accomplish

  • Accredo

  • emPOWER

  • MYOB Desktop versions

  • Moneyworks

  • Navision

  • Quickbooks

  • Reckon Accounts

In addition to this you can export a CSV formatted file that will make manually entering invoices onto any system simple and easy.

The MyTrucking Support Team

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