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How to set-up and use the Multi Daysheet feature

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The Multi Daysheet feature allows your MyTrucking system to restrict the view to a particular product type. It is particularly suited to companies that have multiple divisions or dispatchers.

For example: if you have a Livestock transport operation as well as Bulk products, you can view just the jobs for Livestock Products only, and then view jobs for Bulk Products, but still see ALL on a page too.

Setting up Multi Daysheets

  • The first step is to request activation of the feature - Multi Daysheet is an additional monthly charge, so contact or send us a chat message to get started. 

  • Once activated, you have the ability to name the views. Go to Account - General Settings and check the Multi view options:

Assigning Products

  • The Multi views are differentiated by Product. 

  • Go to Account - Products and you will note a column where you can select which Multi view is assigned to each Product.  

Viewing the Product Group

  • Now that the products are assigned to the relevant group, the Daysheet and Invoicing pages can be viewed by the group.

  • The Daysheet menu and the Invoicing Menu will have the options to view the jobs by the particular group, or by All products. 

 A dispatcher who is responsible for Livestock jobs can view just the jobs that they are concerned with, or view All jobs if required. 

Setting the Default View

 * If a dispatcher wants to set their default Daysheet, they can do this on the Edit User page. Go to Account - Users and click on their login to open the Edit User page.

Adding or Editing Jobs

  • The default setting when adding or editing jobs, is for All Products to be displayed in the Product List Dropdown. 

  • If you prefer, the Product List Dropdown can be limited to a single Multi-Daysheet Group. This means if you are using the "Livestock" Daysheet, when adding a job you will only see the Livestock products. 

  • This is a company wide setting, so will apply to all users. Let us know if this is your company preference and we will configure your system.


  • When running a Custom Report there is also the ability to view just the group in the report output. 

  • Select the group from the Multi Daysheet drop-down, and the output will be filtered to that group. 

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