Integrating MyTrucking and EROAD allows job information to be displayed in EROAD. MyTrucking displays the vehicle status and records the distance travelled.

Having this information allows a distance/income calculation to be made, which provides a valuable comparison between vehicles in your fleet.


The daily job information is passed to the MyTrucking tab for each vehicle in EROAD.
This is done at midnight and within ten minutes of a job being modified in MyTrucking.

The information displayed includes:

  • MyTrucking Job Number

  • Pickup Client

  • Delivery Client

  • Quantity and Product


The information passed from EROAD to MyTrucking contains the daily distance travelled and the current vehicle location. The distance travelled is displayed in the Income by Vehicle Report and includes the daily revenue for that vehicle.
These values allows the Income per Distance to be calculated which can be compared against other vehicles. This important figure ensures your vehicles are generating suitable revenue compared to the running costs.

Vehicle State and Location

From the vehicles page (Account - Vehicles) you will be able to see which vehicles are connected to EROAD as they show a Red Dot next to the vehicle registration. 

If you click on the edit icon for one of the connected vehicles, the edit vehicle page will show a map with the location and status of the vehicle.  


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