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Automatic Delivery Notification
Automatic Delivery Notification

Send your client an email when the job is delivered

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Automatic Delivery Notification (ADN) allows an email with driver attachments to be sent to the Clients involved in the job, when the driver uploads the job from the Mobile App.

The email contains:

  • The job date

  • The delivery time (as set in the End Time field in the App)

  • The job information in the form of the invoice description for the delivered product

  • The delivery address

  • Your company name, address, email and phone number

  • All images and signatures attached to the job by your driver

Please Note: If you do not want the images attached by your drivers to be included in the email, let us know and we will exclude them.

Customise the Email Template

If you wish to customise your email template, reach out to us and we can do it for you. We can move the fields around, remove unwanted fields, and add additional text.

Configuring Delivery Notification

Delivery Notification is configured for each client in your database.
On the Edit Client page for each customer, there is a checkbox next to the email addresses for the client. A tick in the checkbox will activate this feature.
There are two emails available and either or both emails can be selected to receive a delivery notification.

Please Note: The first email address is passed to your account program for invoicing. If your customer uses a different email address for delivery notifications enter this in the second email address.

If you need to send the delivery notification to additional email addresses, ask the recipient to forward the email, or alternatively, add in your own email address and forward the delivery notification from your email account.

The Email Recipient

The email is sent to any Client involved in the job, including Works Buyers and Stock Agents. If a client is both a Charge Client and Origin or Destination, they will only receive a single email.

The email is sent when the Delivery Driver returns the Job from the Mobile App and the Job Icon changes to Orange

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