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Getting started in MyTrucking with the Xero Wizard
Getting started in MyTrucking with the Xero Wizard

Connect your MyTrucking account to Xero

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When you first log-in to MyTrucking the Xero wizard will kick off, simply follow the prompts and when you’re done you’ll be ready to create jobs. 

You will need your password to access your Xero account, this will authorise MyTrucking to post your invoice information to Xero so that your invoices are automatically created.

You will be asked to enter some products, or just use the example products in the wizard and set them up later in MyTrucking. If you assign product revenue to different Xero Sales Accounts you can assign these to your products.

Your Clients will be imported directly from Xero, as will your Vehicles if you have them set up using a Tracking Category in Xero. 

When completed you will go to the Add Job page in MyTrucking ready to add your first job.

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