MYOB Accountright

If you’re using AccountRight, when you first log-in our Wizard will take you through the process of linking MyTrucking and AccountRight. Simply follow the steps in the wizard and before you know it you’ll be good to go.

This will import into MyTrucking
     • Products from the “Items” in MYOB (if you use Item invoicing)
     • Vehicles from the “Jobs” in MYOB
     • Clients from the customer cards

It will also authorise MyTrucking so that your invoices will be automatically created in MYOB when sent from MyTrucking.

You will need your password to login to MYOB (usually your email and password), and also the Company file login (usually Administrator and “blank”).

NOTE: You are required to have Administrator access to MYOB to authorise the connection.  

When the wizard has completed your system will be set up ready to start adding jobs.

MYOB Essentials

The MYOB Essentials Wizard will also establish the connection and configure your system so you are ready to go in minutes.  

Essentials does not have a tracking function so there are no "jobs" to import.

Essentials only allows "Item Invoicing", so any Items set up in Essentials will be imported as Products. If Products are created in MyTrucking, they will create Items in Essentials when the invoice information is sent.

The MyTrucking Support Team

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