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Getting started with Xero and MyTrucking
Getting started with Xero and MyTrucking

If you’ve let us know that you’re a Xero User you’re already good to go.

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When you first log-in to MyTrucking the Xero wizard will kick off, simply follow the prompts and when you’re done you’ll be ready to go. Your Clients, Vehicles and some products will be imported directly from Xero, so you’re ready to invoice.

Exporting your Data

Should we ask you to provide an export from Xero the detail below will enable you to get a copy of your client list from Xero

Export all customer and supplier contacts

To export all customer and supplier contacts from Xero, follow these steps:

  1. From the header, go to Contacts, then select All Contacts.

  2. Click Export. All your customer and supplier contacts will be downloaded on a CSV file to your computer.

Only the primary person’s name and email address is included in the exported file.

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