Go to Account - Users

  1. Select User Type (click the "what's this" link to see what each user type can access or check out the information below).

  2. Enter first and last names, and Login Name (login name is the username for logging into MyTrucking and the mobile driver's app, it needs to be unique)

  3. Enter Password (this needs to be a minimum of 6 characters and include at least one capital letter and one number)

  4. Enter the email address, and phone number

  5. Save

Access Levels

There are five access levels:

  1. Driver - For logging into the Mobile App only

  2. Basic Operator - For the daily operation of MyTrucking without access to any pricing information.

  3. Operator - For the daily operation of MyTrucking (Add/Edit jobs, Daysheet and some reports). 

  4. Full Access - For full operation of MyTrucking.

  5. SuperUser - For full operation of MyTrucking with the added ability to view the Dashboard, view the Job Change History and to be able to edit jobs after they have been invoiced. 

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